Of unique quality and aesthetics that offer creative and efficient architectural solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Alexyl company is active in the last 40 years in the domain of wooden floors, offering high standard products and services, that can meet every aesthetic and functional need.

Having as goal offering excellent services to our customers, we can provide creative and efficient architectural and decorative solutions for your home or your working space…



Our goal is to offer our clients cutting edge products, that combine technological development with design originality, imagination and creativity and an excellent manufacturing quality.

Informing the customer about new modern manufacturing and designing methods and materials is one of our main goals, and this is why our staff visit many expositions every year in Greece and abroad in order to be able to fully satisfy even the most demanding customer and provide every kind and style of wooden floors that exist on the market.



With high expertise, we invest in innovation, not only in the area of the wooden floor, but also in the lining and the roof. Our new products offer unique architectural and decorative solutions of high aesthetics, for the interior and exterior of homes and business premises.

Visit our showroom, select the wooden floor that suits you and enjoy the aesthetics and the warmth of wood, combined with the durability and ease of maintenance offered by the laminate flooring.