Alexyl is the exclusive representative of many leading companies with excellent records in the European scene, that are certified with the most important international certifications, which allow us to offer the following guarantees:

  • The compliance of our products with the most stringent quality standards, that can meet the expectations of the customers.
  • The increased satisfaction of our customers through the continuous improvement of the overall management system of our company.
  • A management system of the production processes which is compatible with the most stringent quality standards.
  • A control of origin and processing of raw materials and of semi-finished products which are used in the manufacturing process of the final products.
  • A quality system of forest management of the associated companies (exploitation of their own forest areas)
    This certification is the formal authorization that is granted by the international institutions that impose the voluntary quality standards for products and services, which certifies at the same time the protection of natural resources and of the environment.