Having an increased environmental awareness and sensitivity, our company applies an environmentally-friendly policy regarding forest resources, which consists a real innovation in the particular domain.

As a first result of this, the FSC and PEFC certifications, that regard the production process, were granted, after the inspection, monitoring and control of the entire production process, from the cutting of trees to the final product.

This is a very important achievement, as it is required to use certified, renewable sources, an activity in which our company is actively involved.

Until today, the range of wood products for which this particular certifying procedure is applied is not a great one, as the so-called tropical species are not included (for the time being only jatoba is included). On the contrary, the European species (oak tree, beechtree, maple, European and Canadian maple), are certified and their products are characterized by a wide range of colours, in various sizes and finishes that can satisfy every aesthetic requirement.

Our collections represent a real aesthetic and technological breakthrough and consist of products the wood of which has undergone thermal processing only, offering a huge variety of colours, without the use of any chemicals or paints.

The finishing, is characterized by the smart mixing of coloured oils, made of plant extracts, that penetrate the wood deeply, colouring thus the wood in seven different shades, that range from white to black, protecting and preserving it against perspiration.