A world of solutions that wood can offer for outdoor spaces

Wood consists a natural solution regarding your decorative needs.

Swimming pools, gardens, terraces, pathways and all kinds of outdoor spaces can be transformed into cozy, natural and functional “shelters”.

Euro Covering S.L., in the last decade produces and distributes Alexyl floors offering a new relaxing and enjoying potential in outdoor spaces.



The wooden floors for outdoor spaces made by the Hortus company are the outcome of many years of experience and expertise. With our many years of research and our advanced technology we have managed to set new standards in the domain of outdoor floors, offering unique advanced and innovative products with a huge potential in the international market.

Deck floors consist the ideal solution for outdoor spaces as they combine elegance, natural beauty and the unparalleled coziness of genuine wood with the comfort and resistance that our exclusive technology can guarantee.



EPW offers various kinds of WPC Decks, such as the ΕP deck, ZOOM deck and LC deck.


All its decks are made of solid wood and have no intermediate gaps.


This is an advantage in itself in comparison with hollow decks, regarding the contractions and expansions of wood.